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Main and side dish

We will cater to you anything you like from our menus.

vegan or vegetarian, meat or milk, gourmet or children, according to your personal diet or regular.

call now 972-54-8048602 or email me

I’m looking forward to making your culinary experience in Tzfat (Safed) a pleasure.

Here is a sample of what we can offer for vegans and vegetarians.

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Here is a sample of our menu.
all my dishes can be custom made according to your diet.

Nile perch in Moroccan red sauce $7
Nile perch with vegetables $7
Salmon in sweet & sour sauce $14
St. Peters  grilled fried or cooked in sauce $7

Chicken and Meat

Grilled chicken $5 per piece or $20 for an all big chicken
Turkey role $30 per kilo
Beaf Role $30 per kilo
Chicken Shnitzel $5
Tshulnt $3/5/15
Chicken soup $3/15
Shawarma $10/50
Meorav Yerushalmi $10/50

For special all included deal go here

Side Dishes

White plain rice or indian rice $ 5/20
Baked Potatoes $ 5/12
Qinoa $ 7/15
Brown Rice $ 7/12
Zucchini in sauce $ 4/8
Green beans in sauce $ 5/15
Stirfry $ 5/20 added tofu or noodles $ 7/25
Potato Kugel $ 7 for an english cake size.
Zucchini pie/kisch $ 15/25
Yem pie/kisch $ 4/10/35
Mushroom pie/kish $ 4/15/25/35
Soy kisch with vegetables $ 20/35
lentils pie with vegetables $ 25/35

Check my all included deal

If you have a simcha we can make your kiddish in any of the ancient synagogues of Tzfat.

get more ideas & order on # 972-54-8048602

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