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Shabbes all meals included

A table set for Shabbat with challah bread candlesticks and wine Black background complete view

Order our all included deal for only 50 $ for 2 meals
& additional $20 for third meal

Friday night –
Shabbat meal in Tzfat (Safed)
5 salads, chicken soup, first course fish or main course chicken/meat, rice/potatoes desert, 2 rolls, grape juice or wine for kiddush.

Shabbes lunch-
3 salads, tuna salad or gefilte fish (traditional Jewish east European sweet fish recipe)  other kind of fish additional 5- 10$, tshulent, main dish with 2 side dishes, 2 challa roles, kidush wine and desert.
Baked fish for additional 5-10$ only.

Third Meal-
Chumus, Tehini, tuna salad, egg salad, vegetable platter, fruits, 2 rolls and Havdala wine. gefilte fish or hering for additional  7$. Baked salmon or Nile perch or st. peters fish $ 7-10.

For vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food go here

For our main course page go here

Best food for the best price

Full Shabbes – All included for only 70$. ( challa and kiddush wine/ grape juice included).
For special deals please contact us.

When it comes to food make it with love or don’t make it at all.

Don’t wait to the last second
Order now

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