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Vegetarian Menu

We will cater to you anything you like from our menus.

vegan or vegetarian, meat or milk, gourmet or children, according to your personal diet or regular.

call now 972-54-8048602 or email me

I’m looking forward to making your culinary experience in Tzfat (Safed) a pleasure.

here is a sample of what we can offer for vegans and vegetarians.

To look at other menus go here

Vegetarian menu:

Gluten free pizza  with /without cheese

Tofu pate in different flavours (so good….) 25/45 shekels

Green Beans in sauce 15/45 shekels

Broccoli / mushroom / yam pie 55/85 shekels (based on the flour you choose)

Black lentils and brown rice dish in soy sauce and query 25/65 shekels

Brown Lentils salad 15/45 shekels

Red Lentils salad 15/45

Qinua salad 25/ 65 shekels

Soy kish / pie 55/85 shekels

Soy / Tofu Goulash 25/65

Yam paste 15/35

Parsley/ coriander paste(with or with out almonds/nuts) 15 shekels

Basil Pesto (with or with out almonds/nuts) 15/25 shekels

Buckwheat with mushrooms 15/35 shekels

Buckwheat salad 15/35 shekels

Qinoa and buckwheat dish with mushrooms 25/45 shekels

Cauliflower Latkes (possible gluten free) 35 shekels

Rice noodles Tai dish with veges (consider adding hot cubes of hard cheese, peanuts or almonds). 65/ 85

Zuqinni Pie 35/65 shekels

Turkish paste 15/25 shekels

beats salad 15/25 shekels

cucumbers sweat and sour salad 15/25 shekels

Stuffed peppers (brown rice, white rice, red lentils, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, qinua) 65/ 95 shekels

Gluten free bread or sandwiches with tehini/ tofu steaks in marinade/ tofu cream/ beans paste/ basil /coriander/ parsley pesto/ chumus )

Gluten free chocolate/apples/plums cake 35/65 shekels

Call for more menu ideas and to order
by phone 972-54-8048602
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