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Parve cheese cake (based on tofu) – super yummy

Yummy oatmeal chocolate and pee nut butter cookies( gluten free and sugarless) 50 shekels a kilo

Rich Chocolate cake with cream 10 pieces – 120 shekels (option for sugarless/gluten free)

Chocolate moose 10 pieces – 120 shekels

Pancakes 20 pieces – 65 shekels.

Gluten free pancakes 20 pieces 85 shekels (banana, chocolate, apple or plain flavor).

White flour chocolate/apple/ banana/carrot cake. 30 shekels (option of sugarless/gluten free)

Whole flour/Gluten free or/and sugarless chocolate/apple/ banana/carrot cake. 55 shekels.

Jello strawberry/peach 10 servings 50 shekels.

Fruit salad 5 servings 35 shekels.

Fruit sorbet (depending on the fruit of the season) 10 servings – 50 shekels.

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