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Gourmet Seder Night Take away

Seder Night Take away Menu

The entire menu is gluten free, Non Gebrocht & Non Kitnios

First courses for 4 people

Traditional Seder plate $20

Chicken / Beef soup with vegetables 1litre $15

Kneidlach (gluten free, Non Gebrocht) $7

Dip Platter (olives dip, Zucchini dip, babaganush, pesto) $25

chopped liver 1/2 a kilo $25

Vegetarian chopped liver 1/2 kilo $15

Moroccan st. peter fish $28

Gefilte fish (traditional home made flavour) $25

Chrane (Horseradish) $10

Salmon (various flavours – contact for coordination) $35

Main Courses for 4 people

Grilled chicken with Baked Potatoes $25

Sliced Turkey Brest in sauce $35

Baked Lamb ribs with roasted potatoes and broccoli / Antipasti style vegetables $85

Cooked Lamb Stew with potatoes and vegetables in wine and mashed potatoes/ kohlrabi/ sweet potatoes pure . $85

Cooked Beef Stew with vegetables $59

Beef Tong in wine & dry fruits served over with mashed potatoes/Kohlrabi / sweet potatoes pure $55

Side Dishes for 4 people

Broccoli/Zucchini/potatoes/Sweet potatoes Kugel $10/ $17

Vegetable Stir fry $15 / $25

Candied Sweet ptato $15


Chocolate Muse $15

Fruit Sorbet $25

Chocolate cake (Gluten free Non gebrocht ) $25

Fruit Salad $12

For full selection order before April 10th.

Order now 972-54-8048602

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