Order Now – Gourmet Healthy Food in Tzfat

Are you coming to Tzfat?

Did you rent a dream room?

May be you are having a party or a Bar Mitzva kiddush or A Shabbes Chasan,


You had a baby – Mazal Tov

and you wish to Cater a real elegant Brit Milah.

We will make your event unforgettable.

May be you Just want to take off from cooking ,

let us spoil you with delicious food –

Targeting your individual taste and special dietary needs!

We specialize in various kitchens, gourmet food of many kinds.

Health food, row food,  European,  Asian (Chinese, Thai, Japanese),

vegetarian or vegan food and of course Jewish traditional, Ashkenazi or Sephardic.

But our best recommendation is to try the Israeli kitchen while you are here.

Look into our menu and pick your meal. or call us



A table set for Shabbat with challah bread candlesticks and wine Black background complete view

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